When are your classes held?

Classes begin at 5:50pm and end at 9:00pm, Monday through Thursday, for 2 weeks (usually at the beginning of each month).  Additional classes may be offered as needed during the summer months, so don’t be afraid to ask.

What if I need to miss a class?

Students with busy schedules are not penalized in any way for missing a class.  You will be given a make-up date when the class will be held again, usually the following month.  In the interim, you will be able to begin and complete your drives, as long as they are not scheduled on the same day as you are in a class.  

What will I be learning in the classroom?

Our curriculum is developed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety.  Material covered in class will include understanding roadway signs, signals and markings, how to better manage risk, negotiating intersections, expressway driving, urban and rural driving, handling emergencies, and the effects of alcohol and drugs when driving.

During the classroom instruction, chapters are first reviewed orally by the instructor, rather than relying solely on assigned reading.  We follow with question and answer sessions and classroom discussion to reinforce the covered information. This approach has resulted in better understanding of the material and encourages classroom participation.  

How do I schedule my drives?

You must have a permit before scheduling drives.  During the classroom portion of your training, you can schedule your 4 drives, each lasting 2 hours, to meet the required 8 hours of behind-the-wheeling training. (The 8 hours does not count towards the required 50 hours of practice.) Additional instruction can be arranged for a fee. 

What can I expect when I drive with an instructor?

During the 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training, we offer a personal plan of instruction based on each student’s level of driving skill.  Students are encouraged to discuss any areas of trouble they may have with their instructor, allowing extra attention to correct the problem areas. Students are provided with caring and patient instructors who offer helpful suggestions and encouragement.  All instruction is done with only 1 student in the car so the entire 2 hour drive can be focused on you.  

Where will I go on my drives?

Students are taken out on rural roadways, through intersections, in higher traffic areas, and onto the interstate.  We practice skills including smooth starts and stops, turns, curves, lane changes, maneuverability (cones), and vehicle parking.  Because some teens have less driving experience, an individualized driving plan will be created for those students.  

What should I bring with me when I drive?

You must carry your permit with you at all times when driving (as required by law) and wear your corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) if required.

How do I register for a class?

You can register by calling (740) 425-1242. If there is no answer, we are likely teaching a class or doing a student drive.  Please leave a message, including a phone number where you can be reached, and your call will be returned as quickly as possible.  You may also complete the Pre-Registration form found at the bottom of the PRE REG page.  Either way, you will be contacted to confirm your registration and answer any questions.